Do you want an inclusive program that will give you all the tips, tools, and tricks for navigating Early Childhood Special Education AND a supportive community of like-minded individuals that understand your day-to-day struggles?

This course was created with you in mind so that you can get the skills and support you need allowing you to ditch the overwhelm and make a greater impact in the lives of your students,

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.


  • Dealing with a child who you feel unequipped to support
  • Overloaded by trying to meet the needs of ALL your students who fall on a giant spectrum of development
  • Overwhelmed by balancing the academic expectations of your school with the individual needs of your students and classroom management
  • Feeling like no one is giving you any support or listening to your concerns
  • Playing the waiting game, waiting for Special Education Services to catch up and kick in


trying every intervention you come across on Pinterest, scouring your graduate school textbooks, only to find there is absolutely NO useful information in them, and ready to throw your hands up and scream “I GIVE UP!”

So many of us feel completely unprepared to deal with the unique needs of our students after completing our Graduate School Programs! 

We graduate with excitement and motivation to make a difference in the lives of our students! 

We can’t wait to get into the classroom and start connecting with students, families and colleagues. 

We know we have what it takes to create the change we wish to see in the world through our teaching!


you realize that theory is nice, but what you REALLY need is practical advice and resources. Ones that support individual students with individual needs.  

You know you need to

  • Differentiate your instruction so that you are meeting each child where they are at ...but there isn’t enough time in the day to plan for each child’s individual needs.

  • Individualize your interactions with each child so that you can scaffold their development ...but you have those few children that require all of your attention just to manage their behaviors, that individualizing feels like some far-fetched dream.

  • Collect data on each student so that your observations are tangible and measurable ...but you’re barely keeping your head above water with the day-to-day of running a classroom.

  • Incorporate Developmentally Appropriate Practice ...but you have limited resources, time and money.

  • Create strong relationships with the families and include them in their child’s education ...but you don’t know where to even begin communicating with them about what is going on in the classroom.

I’ve been there and lived to tell about it! Not only did I survive, but I was able to collect and create a whole set of techniques and strategies for navigating this complicated world of being an Early Childhood Teacher or Special Education Teacher. 

I don’t want to see teachers like myself have to experience so much struggle, feel all alone and unsupported and get to a point where they consider leaving the profession altogether. 

The field of Early childhood education NEEDS compassionate teachers like yourself!

That is why I have created this course and community for passionate Early Childhood Educators who became a teacher so they could make an impact in the lives of their students!


For teachers of Littles

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.

Is for you if you want...

  • to learn simple and easy techniques for connecting with your students on a deeper level.
  • to learn how to use guided play to create a strong relationship with your students
  • to know how to enhance a child’s play to allow them to create connections with their peers
  • a practical and integrated way to use assessment in your classroom
  • to know what data is needed to help you communicate your concerns to administrators and families
  • to be introduced to a more holistic type of assessment for understanding Littles
  • hacks for using observation in the classroom without extra planning and resources
  • to discover ways for keeping differentiation simple and streamlined
  • become proficient at reading and interpreting IEPs
  • to determine how to differentiate instruction for students who need extra support, but don’t yet have an IEP
  • a set of tools for communicating with and creating relationships with students’ families
  • a handbook for helping families through getting support for their child
  • A community of other teachers who are going through the same difficulties and have the same intense desire to make a difference in the lives of Exceptional Littles
  • to learn ways to differentiate instruction in order to integrate IEP goals



For Teachers of Littles

is for you!


For teachers of Littles

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.

Hi There!

I'm Renee

I would like to think if Maria Montessori and Mister Rodgers had a baby, it would be me.

Let me back up, on how I got here:

As a premie to deaf parent's my language was delayed by six months and I didn't know it but I became a neurodiverse (Dyslexic) Little from birth. Oh, and I am so proud to be one!!!

I was the kid fueled by my love of dance, Hooked on Phonic + Nancy Drew, only child perfectionism and tons of curiosity is what got me to get a full ride at Bard. Where I learned how I learned (papers were my kryptonite, as I type I am googling how to spell) and wept why didn't I get the help sooner.

As I always say, you don't know what you don't know. 

Fast Forward, to working in an Enrichment Center on UWS and fell in love with Early Childhood. Fell in love with Early Foundations, Advocating for others, and made sense of my past.

This changed my career course where I became a SEIT (a what), Special Education Itinerant Teacher, where I hone my skills and still do.


“I would recommend this group to any and everyone in a New York minute. It has been an absolute joy connecting and sharing experiences with other professionals. I also loved all the gems from the framework, especially the discussion centered on kids processing information. Children are not ignoring you. They haven’t processed the information. Renee is insightful and provides such a knowledgeable deep dive into topics.”

Anne K., Nanny

“Renee has experience both in the classroom and also raising her own little one. Her program was informative and I felt comfortable asking questions in an intimate group of fellow educators. It’s obvious she loves what she does and wants to share her knowledge with others! From her friendly nature to her ability to keep it real throughout the woes of everyday teacher life, Renee has helped me reflect on my own practice and introduce new ideas into my classroom! ”

Michelle, Pre-K Teacher

“A very supportive, safe place to learn and ask questions. Great to meet and learn from educators in all types of early environments, the guest speakers were relevant to my practice and had opportunities to learn more about the topics that Renee was teaching. A great group to be be in! I look forward to each week. ”

Rebecca, Preschool Teacher


For teachers of Littles

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.

Let’s take a closer look at the information and support you will receive inside

In this series of training videos, I will break down how to work with children in a way that allows the child to connect with you as well as his/her peers.

Learn what Guided Play is. 

How the different stages of the Cycle of Play can be utilized to create positive outcomes for your Exceptional Littles. The benefits of Child-Led play and how to encourage more of it.

At the end of this series of trainings, you will feel confident in your understanding of Guided Play and how it can be used to create positive outcome for your Exceptional Littles.

As trained professionals, our instinct will tell us before any other tangible information does, when a child may need additional support. In Module 2, I will give you practical ways for collecting tangible data to back up your intuition. I will show you the benefits of Whole Child/Developmental Approach to assessment. You will learn how to translate a Little’s behavior into its purpose. I will show you hacks for using observational assessment easily. 

At the end of Module 2, you will feel confident and empowered to use assessment in your classroom to determine the supports and individual needs of your Exceptional Littles.

The task of differentiation can feel insurmountable, especially when you feel like you’re not sure where to even begin. That’s why, in Module 3, I will break down how to read, understand and use IEPs and 504s to create effective and supportive instruction for you Exceptional Littles. I will also cover how to choose intervention strategies if you don’t have a 504 Plan or IEP. 

The information covered in Module 3, will allow you to confidently move forward with creating differentiated lesson plans either using an IEP or without.

In Module 4, I will walk you through how to build trust in families and walk them through the process of getting support for their child. The best outcomes stem from developing a team of supports for Littles. I will show you how to foster the family’s ability to become an important component of their child’s progress. I will give you to tools you need to communicate with parents about your concerns, as well as be an ally for them.

By the end of Module 4, you will feel confident in how to facilitate the interdependent and mutually supportive relationships that will help your Exceptional Littles get their needs met.

When you enroll as a founding member of the


  • 4 Training Modules recorded live and placed in Thinkific for you to access whenever you want.

  • Intervention Playbook with all the tools and hacks covered in the training modules so that you can reference them whenever you need them.

  • Lifetime access to an Exclusive Facebook Community where you can get support from other teachers who are doing the work right alongside you.

  • Bi-Weekly live Q & A sessions in the Facebook Community for 6 weeks, to get all your burning questions answered.

PLUS amazing bonuses to make sure you feel FULLY supported

  • Bonus 1

    Bonus Masterclass with Teaching the TK Way

    This masterclass will teach you the importance and the amazing benefits of using natural things (lighting, plants, and color) in the early childhood classroom. The tools she teaches you in this class will give you a whole new set of tools for supporting your Exceptional Littles in your classroom.

  • Bonus 2

    Wellness Journal for teachers of Exceptional Littles

    This wellness journal and resource page will give you suggestions and tools for getting the support you need. Because, if we don’t take care of ourselves, then we won’t be able to support our Littles optimally.


For teachers of Littles

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.

  • I’m not teaching right now, so I won’t be able to try out what I learn in my classroom. Should I wait until I’m back in the classroom to take this course?

    I’m all about integration and tweaking. That is why we have the FB community. I don’t expect you to change everything at once. Start with one item to apply and then come back to it. This collective is a living and breathing program, so it will be useful to you for time to come.

  • There is a lot of info covered in this course! I’m worried I won’t have the time to use it all! Do I need to follow along week by week or can I go at my own pace?

    You will be invited to the live recording of each training, but do not need to show up live in order to get access to the content. I will be uploading the recordings to Thinkific where you can watch the content at your own pace.

  • How long will I have access to the training and community?

    You will have access to the training materials for the length of the program in Thinkific. All of the Trainings will be recorded live, but will then be uploaded into the platform for you to consume at your own pace.

  • I’m a SPED Teacher/GenEd Teacher/Teaching Assistant/Paraprofessional, will this work for me?

    We welcome Teacher of Littles into the Collective. The definition of TOL is a teacher whom works with preschool as young as 2.5 year old to 7 years old. So it doesn't matter what your Teacher title is as we focus on the age group you teach.

  • How does the Facebook Group work with the course/training? I’m already a part of so many groups…

    The Facebook group will not only be a place for you to get support from me, but also for you to get the support of fellow teachers of Littles. Surrounding yourself with a community of people who “get it” is an important part of being an effective educator. The benefit of joining as a founding member is you get input on other platforms you would prefer the community to be hosted on!

  • What if I have a specific question about the content or about a specific situation? Will there be an opportunity to get my questions answered?

    When you come to the live recordings of the training, there will be an opportunity at the end to get your questions answered at the end. In addition to that, you will be able to put questions into the Facebook group and attend my office hours where I will answer your questions.

  • I am a brand new teacher, is this course right for me?

    These trainings will benefit a teacher at any level of training and experience. I aim to meet you where you are at, and give you tools that will work in a variety of settings.

  • I’ve taken college courses on Early Intervention & Special Ed. How is your course different?

    Think of this course work like your teaching practice: it’s living and breathing. We focus on the practical side of teaching including day-to-day routines as well as Social Emotional Learning.


For teachers of Littles

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.

You want a set of tools you can reference quickly to give you ideas for working with unique needs and situations.

Being an Early Childhood Teacher can be extremely isolating at times. Especially when you are dealing with frustrating and challenging behaviors. You need people to vent to who gets it. Who will listen to what you’re going through and nod along because they’ve been there too. But who also gives you tangible support and ideas, so that you can feel like you are reclaiming some control.

After we graduate from our education programs, we believe that we have been given the proper training to support the Littles in our classroom, but it quickly becomes apparent that we have only been given the background knowledge and ability to recognize a special situation rather than the actual tools for dealing with that situation. 

You don’t want to spend hours of your personal time scouring the internet for creative interventions and differentiation strategies that you aren’t even sure will work. 

What you really want is a living and breathing resource to refer to that you can trust. You don’t need another textbook, but a set of tools that have been used by a real person in the trenches with you.

You want to get your sanity and your life back...FINALLY! 

You feel like you are a character in the movie Groundhog’s Day, forcing yourself out of bed each day in order to go into a classroom that you can no longer find joy in, and a job you resent.

You want to reclaim your sanity and calm and joy and feel like you have control over your classroom. You want to be able to find balance in meeting not only the needs of all your students but also your own needs.


you want to walk into your classroom every day knowing that you are making an important impact on the lives of your students that will set the foundation for a lifetime of success. You want to find the purpose you entered this field with: helping Littles feel loved and special. 


For teachers of Littles

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.

As a person who was a child with exceptionalities, and now as a mother of a child who needs additional support, I know how important it is to have teachers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of your Littles. 

That is why it is so important to me to give the people who have the greatest opportunity to create the biggest changes in our Little’s lives, as much training, tools, and support as possible.

It is my mission to:

support Early Childhood Educators use differentiated and playful strategies to help their students build confidence and a strong foundation for learning.

I believe in:

Inclusive Environments: Where everyone feels like they belong and have something valuable to offer and receive.

Authenticity: Being true to yourself and making decisions that have BOTH the interest of your Littles and yourself in mind. Sharing honest, upfront and real challenges and mistakes allowing everyone to learn from them.

Compassion: Doing work and engaging in discussions that are grounded in humanity. When you lose your sense of humanity, its hard to stay present in the challenge, in the work to help and support the child. Having compassion for what someone else is going through helps us not take things personally, because we can have compassion for where their behaviors, actions, or words are coming from.

Resourcefulness: Creating a community where resources and tools can be shared. Overwhelm comes from not knowing, when you pool our resources and connect on shared experiences we can reclaim our sense of control.

Advocacy: Communicating and standing up for individuals who don’t have the tools, resources or equal opportunities to champion themselves.

My Vision

Early Childhood Educators are the hope for a better future. A more inclusive, authentic, and compassionate future in which everyone’s voice is heard, all children’s needs are met, and equal access to resources is a given. Teachers of Littles are the hero’s who will create a better world by enhancing and supporting...The Magic of Littles.


For teachers of Littles

Join today as a founding member and provide LIVE feedback about what information and resources should be included in this comprehensive course.